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When there is an Earthquake

Earthquakes are one of the phenomenon that we cannot really predict so showhomes Christchurch were built to last. We all know that these tectonic movements are what we commonly call the earthquakes which is the shaking of the land underneath us.


We have these faults in our earth's crust and earthquakes find their way through these cracks. The sad part about earthquakes is that no one can predict it correctly so we have to be prepared all the time in case that it might occur one time or another. It is very important that we know what to do before an earthquake comes, during the event, and most especially after the earthquake.


We must do well to know how to survive after all the tremors that had happened. When we can feel no shaking anymore, we have to observe and look around us to keep aware of what might happen on the next minute. We have to make sure that everything is clean before we make any move so that we would not incur further damage to ourselves or to our properties. We have to be aware. 


© Roseanne Hoch.