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Heat Pumps for Airconditioning Systems

Designers who wish to install or replace the heat pumps in their home, office or other premises should check the website, as it lists a wide range of heat pumps from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Panasonic. The heat pumps are widely used in air conditioning for pumping the heat away from the area which is cooled. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner depends to a very great extent on the rating of the heat pump which is being used. If larger areas are being cooled, the capacity of the heat pump should be proportionately higher, as more heat has to be transferred away in the same period of time.

The manufacturers have different types of heat pumps for air-conditioning systems depending on their cooling capacity, as well as installation method. The heat pumps in the Mitsubishi Avanti range are of lower capacity and designed for homes and small offices, while the Bronte range of pumps are designed to cool larger areas. In many places, the air conditioning design has to be selected depending on the space available, so there are special heat pumps available for air-conditioning mounted on the floor. In other places the air-conditioning unit will be mounted on the ceiling and the cassette type heat pumps will be required.

It is important to select the right heat pump for the area being cooled, as the cost of the heat pump will increase for larger capacity pumps. Smaller pumps rated at approximately 3 KW are sufficient for small rooms, while larger pumps have a cooling capacity of 8 KW. Since the heat pumps are fairly expensive, it is highly recommended that the buyers checks the warranty offered by the manufacturer of the heat pump. Some of the more reputed brands like the Panasonic Aero range of pumps comes with a 5 year warranty. Most of the suppliers of heat pumps will be happy to help the customer select the right heat pump, based on the budget and area to be cooled.

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