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Best Cars For Family Vacation

Getting a rental car when you go on vacation is a perfect way to make sure you have transportation to get around to see all the sights and attractions your destination has to offer. To make sure you get the right car rental from Epic Rentals - Whangarei Airport, consider a few things when making the reservation such as size, accessories and car seats.

1.How Many People
Size does matter, especially when it comes to the size of your rental car. You don't want to rent a compact economy size car for your bustling family of six. Make sure that when you are making the reservation you consider how many people will be in the car at all times. Are you going to take on extra passengers? Will there be enough room for the luggage? All this should be considered to ensure that your family is comfortable for the whole trip.

2.Car Seats
Safety is rule number one on the road. And no one's safety is more important than your youngest children. You may have a car seat at home but are you going to take it with you on vacation? Depending on where you go seat belt laws are going to be different for your small children. If you need to rent a car seat or need to know what the laws are when you pick your car from the airport, ask so that you are prepared to keep your little one safe on your trip.

3. Car Accessories
Are you going skiing or fishing or surfing? Make sure when you reserve your car that it also comes with all the accessories you are going to need like a roof rack or GPS pre-installed so that your trip runs more smoothly.

When your enjoying time with your family on vacation the last thing you want to hassle with is a rental car that doesn't fit your families need. Avoid all this hassle and headache in the beginning by going down this list to make sure your car rental from Epic Rentals - Whangarei Airport will have everything you need.

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